Meredith Efken Left Margin
Meredith Efken

Like To Step Over The Edge Of Reality?


If you like women’s fiction with a touch of magical realism, like authors Alice Hoffman or Sarah Addison Allen, you’ll enjoy fiction author Meredith Efken’s new literary direction.

With her latest release, Lucky Baby, and future writings, she aims to explore how real life merges with the world of faith and the realm of the unexplainable. Her style of magical realism takes the rich emotions and complicated characters found in women’s fiction and adds a touch of the miraculous, the mythic, or the fantastic.

Do you THINK she is under the assumption that ALL her CAPITAL LETTERS and italics will MAKE her “insight” seem more IMPORTANT than it “really” is???

--Brenna, SAHM I Am

Wow, wow, WOW is this a good book! I've been a fan of Meredith's through her SAHM I Am series and was anticipating her next book. This is so different than any of her previous novels and sometimes different is not good, but in this case, different is better!

--Suzanne Schaffer, blogger: Clicking Her Heels

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Meredith Efken Right Margin